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Laura is a Madison, WI based singer-songwriter and educator. A classically trained pianist, flutist and mainly self-taught guitarist, she wrote her first official song in high school, encouraged by an inspirational music teacher. That teacher could see that music was – and still is – an essential part of who she was. So is teaching. 


While teaching in the Chicago-area, Laura looked for opportunities to sneak songwriting into her high school English and Reading classes. She noticed that music inspired some students to come alive. Often, those were students she had struggled to reach or, for many different reasons, were struggling academically. Now, almost 25 years later and after completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Laura is passionate about helping others see the role that songwriting and collaboration can play in helping individuals learn about themselves and the world around them, communicate their truths and achieve their personal and professional goals. 


Laura currently teaches (University of Wisconsin-Madison), coaches (K-12 teachers and instructional leaders) & helps others writes music (Lullaby Project at the Overture Center for the Performing Arts), and she is excited about exploring new collaborations that bring these 3 passions together.


Educational Coaching & Consulting

Working in partnership with school leaders and cross-curricular or cross-grade teacher teams, Laura can help you develop innovative, engaging curriculum and assessments using approaches that value and elevate teachers' experiences and expertise. Drawing on her experiences coaching and consulting for diverse schools, arts organizations, and a medical training program, she will work with you to create novel approaches to supporting student and teacher learning. 


Sheet Music and Guitar

Arts Integration &  Songwriting

Engage your creativity and activate your students' deeper learning and reflection by crafting an original song! Explore novel ways of supporting literacy instruction. 

As a classically trained musician, avid songwriter and trained literacy specialist, Laura can work with you to integrate the musical arts into your existing curriculum to increase student learning and engagement. 

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